12 Proven Tips To Get More Email Signups From Your Blog(Infographic)

Do you know what is the secret to get more email signups from your blog?Do you know what is the no.1 way to keep your existing traffic on your blog?Thankfully you don't have to guess about it because without the shadow of a doubt it is your blog subscribers.Even though social media is great,sites like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Pinterest etc but when it comes to getting repeat traffic and repeat visitors to your blog nothing comes even close to your email list.Your email list is the only source of traffic that you control and you can send traffic to your latest content on demand.BUT..How do i build an email list from my blog?Hubspot and backlinko has created an infographic … [Read more...]

Why Building Your Email List Is Essential And How You Can Do It For Free

Are you building your email list of subscribers and readers to whom you will promote your blog content?Do you want to know what is the secret of getting repeat visitors to your blog?Don't guess.It's your email list.The biggest mistake a new blogger can make is that he or she does not starts collecting emails from day one.I did this mistake too and eventually i suffered when everyone and their dog seem to have a big list and yet i did not had one for my blog.There is no denying that building your email list should be your top priority as a blogger but still there are bloggers who don't do that and they make excuses as well.Some of these excuses areI don't know how to … [Read more...]

18 Powerful Tips To Promote Your Blog Posts & Increase Your Traffic

Do you promote your Blog posts?Do you really get more traffic when you create new content?Creating great content is one thing and promoting that same piece of content is the other and if you don't put your hard work and effort into both of these activities then you are not going to see any growth for your blog.When i created my first niche site i struggled hard to create content for it.Although it wasn't that hard to create it but what really hard for me was to promote my content so i can get traffic to my niche site.It took me a long time and effort to really get search traffic as i built some backlinks and did some necessary promotion.After spending some time on … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Increase Your Blog Revenue by Avoiding Banner Blindness

Are you facing difficulties to increase your blog revenue?Are banners and ads on your site generating no clicks or in other words your click through rate is too low?There was a time when you could monetize a blog with adsense even it has not much traffic but now because of immense competition in almost all niches it is hard to start monetizing a blog through ads without thousands of unique visitors to your blog.Bloggers have turned themselves to affiliate marketing and started to monetize their blogs with affiliate offers and promotions.this has worked great and to this day it is a great way to make money through blogging.The typical approach to affiliate marketing for … [Read more...]

HYBRID CONNECT REVIEW:All In One Solution For List Building

Hybrid Connect ReviewHave you heard it before that the money is in the list?I believe that you did heard but what you may not have heard is how to actually build a list and make money from it.You will have questions in your mind likeHow to start building my list How to create an optin form cause i am not a tech guy/gal How to add your subscribers to your listAnd similar others.So to answer these questions and to give you a great solution,today i am reviewing Hybrid Connect.It's a WordPress plugin that helps you to build your list fast through blogging.So today in this hybrid connect review i will be covering the features that hybrid connect offers you.Hybrid … [Read more...]