Thrive Leads Review:All In One List Building Plugin For WordPress

thrive leads review

Do you want to grow your email list?Do you want to grow your email list Faster?If yes then the lovely guys over at thrivethemes have something special for you because that's exactly what the guys over at thrive themes claim about their new plugin which is called. So here is my review of thrive leads plugin which is currently the best tool to build your email list in 2015 and beyond.If you are a new blogger then you will be overwhelmed by the amount of tools and plugins available to you these … [Read more...]

3 Insanely Useful Blog Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Blog Traffic

Blog Post Promotion

Blogging is not just about putting together pieces of content, and call it a day. There is no point of writing great content if no one is there to read it,share it and comment on it. To effectively do content marketing you consistently need to not only create great content but you have to promote that content everywhere your target audience already hanging out like social media,forums,communities etc. If you want to increase traffic to your blog then implement these 3 basic but proven … [Read more...]

12 Proven Tips To Get More Email Signups From Your Blog(Infographic)

get more email sign ups

Do you know what is the secret to get more email signups from your blog? Do you know what is the no.1 way to keep your existing traffic on your blog? Thankfully you don't have to guess about it because without the shadow of a doubt it is your blog subscribers.Even though social media is great,sites like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Pinterest etc but when it comes to getting repeat traffic and repeat visitors to your blog nothing comes even close to your email list.Your email list is the … [Read more...]

Let’s Start Building Your Email List Completely FREE

optin forms

Do you know what is the secret of getting repeat visitors to your blog? Are you building your email list of subscribers and readers to whom you will promote your blog content? Don't guess.It's your email list. The biggest mistake a new blogger can make is that he or she does not starts collecting emails from day one.I did this mistake too and eventually i suffered when everyone and their dog seem to have a big list and yet i did not had one for my blog. There is no denying that … [Read more...]

18 Powerful Tips To Promote Your Blog Posts & Increase Your Traffic

Do you promote your Blog posts? Do you really get more traffic when you create new content? Creating great content is one thing and promoting that same piece of content is the other and if you don't put your hard work and effort into both of these activities then you are not going to see any growth for your blog. When i created my first niche site i struggled hard to create content for it.Although it wasn't that hard to create it but what really hard for me was to promote my content so … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Increase Your Blog Revenue by Avoiding Banner Blindness


Are you facing difficulties to increase your blog revenue? Are banners and ads on your site generating no clicks or in other words your click through rate is too low? There was a time when you could monetize a blog with adsense even it has not much traffic but now because of immense competition in almost all niches it is hard to start monetizing a blog through ads without thousands of unique visitors to your blog. Bloggers have turned themselves to affiliate marketing and started to … [Read more...]

How To Start A Newsletter Through Blogging(and make money from it)

start a newsletter

DO you write a blog?.. Are you blogging just for fun? or there are some objectives that you want to accomplish through blogging? In both cases one thing is clear that to make your blog up and running you need to monetize it so you can recover your expenses.I say it a lot and I'll say it again that if your blog doesn't make money then you will have to pay your hosting fees from your own pocket which is not good. While there are lots of ways to monetize your blog including adsense,direct ad … [Read more...]

BUZZBUNDLE Review:How To Create Buzz In Your Industry

buzz bundle review

DO you want to maximize your overall web presence? Are you looking to take control of your social media marketing? Guess are at the right place and hopefully at the right time because today in this buzzbundle review i am going to talk about a software that i recently started to use and as i am writing these lines,it's been working great for me. Click here to download your Free Trial of buzzbundle I am talking about BUZZ BUNDLE and what it can do for you.Here is Buzzbundle … [Read more...]

5 ways to To Find Your Focus and stay focused(No.1 is my favourite)

Are you struggling to find your focus and stay focused as a blogger and Marketer? Do you want to learn how to how to find your focus and stay focused?if your answer is yes to both of these questions then this article is going to be very important to you because this is one of the biggest and dangerous problem we bloggers and marketers face when we start  to do something like writing a blog post or creating a how to video or other important things that need to be done. The WORLD WIDE WEB is a … [Read more...]

How To Get More Traffic From LinkedIn(Infographic)

DO you want to get more traffic from LinkedIn? Are you getting any traffic from LinkedIn to your Blog or website? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place at the right time as I am going to talk about some very cool and Informative stuff about LinkedIn that you may have been missing before. LinkedIn as a social network is not giant as Facebook and Twitter are but with over 259,000,000 users and 2,100,000 groups,this is a place which you can't miss if you are looking for … [Read more...]